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Dana Designs

Dana Designs’ organic landscaping for Rhode Island coastlines helps preserve your natural environment and saves you time and resources! Our organic landscape practices and lawn maintenance ensure that your soil is healthy and your lawn has a strong root foundation and is ready to nourish the plants, trees, flowers or food gardens you cultivate. We offer natural landscape design, organic soil amendment, mulching, expert pruning, natural fertilization, organic pest and weed control, and more.

Residential Lawns and Gardens

Dana Designs imagines landscapes that create a seamless transition between your personal living space and the natural environment that surrounds your home.

Commercial & Public Landscapes

Dana Designs crafts professional landscapes that integrate your business with its natural settings and are cost effective to install and maintain.

Sustainable Landscape Designs

Dana Designs help you create a living environment that embraces the natural beauty of Rhode Island's coastline.

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