Invasive Plants and Pests

Do you know which insects are good for your Rhode Island coastal lawn and garden? Dana Designs holistically looks at your project and takes all living things and creatures into consideration when planning your organic coastal landscape. For instance, many see ants as a nuisance, but they are a vital part of your local ecosystem and play an important role in removing and recycling beneficial nutrients in dead material, including both plants and animals. If you have insects in your lawn that have multiplied beyond your tolerance level, Dana Designs can investigate and come up with the best plan  to naturally control the contributing factors, whether by modifying the habitat, implementing biological control methods, or using organic pesticides.

Dana Designs takes the same holistic approach when it comes to invasive plants. There is a difference between a troublesome weed, which is basically a plant growing where you don’t want it to, and a plant that is wreaking havoc on the health and habitat of your landscape. Dana Designs uses expert knowledge to organically attack your weed or invasive plant problem. By studying where, when, and how these plants grow, adjustments can be made to the landscape practices, like watering, aeration, and mowing, to make your lawn more favorable to the plants you want and less desirable to the plants you don’t.