Water and Energy Conservation

Rhode Island coastal homeowners know that seaside landscaping and gardening can be tough, especially if you want to protect the ocean and watershed for dangerous fertilizers and chemicals. Dana Designs creates sustainable landscapes that require little to no watering by developing an ecosystem to take advantage of your lawn’s soil type. Dana Designs incorporates organic compost and mulch to help with water retention and reduce the need for watering. Not only does this support a sustainable landscape, it also saves you both time and money.

While landscaping is an important part of making your house a home, keep in mind that many landscaping activities impact the environment and climate change. By using petroleum to power equipment, landscapers generate toxins that pollute the air, soil and water. Add to that the use of synthetic fertilizers and using non-native plants, and you’ve increased your carbon footprint even more. The less frequent equipment is used, the better for the environment.

As the leader in organic coastal landscaping, Dana Designs ensures that your lawn supports, rather than interferes with, environmental conservation. From using native plants, pervious surfaces and lots of perennials, trees and shrubs, Dana Designs works with Mother Nature to achieve a healthy, sustainable landscape. For example, Dana Designs knows the importance of what types of trees to use and where to plant them. Evergreens planted on the north side of your home provide protection from the cold north winds and reduce your heating costs. Deciduous trees on the south side offer shade and reduce cooling costs during the summer.